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Purchasing and Replacing Parts for Craftsman Mowers

By Matt Hawkins

The Craftsman brand is recognized for its rugged, durable, and reliable tools and equipment that consistently get the job done.  This solid reputation extends to its lawn mowers, which it has been producing since 1934. In fact, Craftsman won the Popular Mechanics magazine 2010 reader’s choice award as the favorite lawn mower brand.

Craftsman offers a variety of lawn mowers, including rear bag self-propelled mowers, push mowers, side discharge mowers, reel mowers, and electric mowers. Most of their mowers are gas powered, although both corded and rechargeable electric mowers are available as well.

Although Craftsman mowers are built to be durable, just like a car, certain parts will wear out over time and need to be replaced to keep the mower operating in top condition. Fortunately, these parts are readily available from brick and mortar stores such as Sears, K-mart, and hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware, and can also be found online at Amazon and other vendors.

When purchasing replacement parts, make sure you know the type and model number of your mower. Because Craftsman makes a range of different mowers with similar but different parts, there is always the chance you could purchase a part that is not compatible with your mower; for example, a belt that may be too long or too short, or a bearing or bushing that doesn’t fit properly. One way to make sure you know the correct model number is to look at the manual that came with your mower.

Some of the types of parts that may require replacement on your Craftsman mower are as follows:

Blades and Blade Adapters

At some point, the blades on your mower will become dull. New blades will significantly speed up the lawn mowing process since it won’t be necessary to mow the same patches over and over again.

When purchasing replacement blades, it’s important to know that the length is measured diagonally from cutting tip to cutting tip and the width is measured at the widest part of the blade.  The blade adapter fits over the blade and is secured by a screw through the center hole on the blade.


There are drive belts, transmission belts, blade belts, deck belts, and others. Make sure you are purchasing the right type as a replacement. On a side note, if you find belts wearing out in a year or less, the problem may be with the pulley, not the belt. When the pulley does not spin freely, due to faulty bearings or grass clippings that have worked their way in, there is increased friction between the pulley and belt, which can dramatically shorten the life of the belt.

Wheels and Tires

These are pretty self-explanatory.  When purchasing new wheels, you may want to consider the material that the ring gear in the wheel is made of. Since the drive gear in most mowers is metal, a plastic ring gear in the wheel may wear out sooner than a metal one would.  Overall, wheels and tires for mowers are inexpensive and straightforward to install.

Spindles and Spindle Assemblies

Spindle assemblies should include the mounting bolts, pulley nut and washer, and blade bolt and washer. They are reasonably priced and can be installed in a matter of minutes. When purchasing a new spindle assembly, you may want to choose one with the mounting holes already tapped so that an impact wrench is not required to install the bolts and there is no danger of the bolts breaking during installation.

If you need multiple parts for your mower, it may be worth purchasing a rebuild kit rather than purchasing each needed part separately. For example, the AYP Deck Rebuild Kit consists of 2 spindle assemblies, 2 mower blades, 1 deck belt, 2 spindle drive pulleys, 6 self-tapping spindle mounting bolts, and 2 bolts for the spindle drive pulleys.

There are numerous other parts that may need to be replaced on a lawn mower at some point, including bearings and bushings, solenoids, throttle controls, steering parts, various electrical parts, and other miscellaneous parts. To learn more about these parts and how to replace them, consult your manual or do some research online. There are several online vendors of mower parts and do-it-yourself repair videos available.

Good online sources for Craftsman mower parts are, where you can also find detail specs and customer reviews, and Both websites offer all the replacement parts you would need for your Craftsman mower and make finding the right part easy. However, the best prices tend to be found at