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Where to Obtain the Manual for Your Craftsman Mower

By Matt Hawkins

So, you own a Craftsman brand lawn mower, but are having trouble finding the manual. Maybe you purchased the mower second-hand and the manual wasn't included with it, or you simply lost or misplaced the manual. Fortunately, the Craftsman lawn mower manual you need is probably available online for free, saving you from making a trip to Sears or calling up Craftsman and having them mail you a manual.

There are several reasons one might need to refer to their Craftsman lawn mower manual. Even though Craftsman mowers have earned a great reputation for their exceptional performance and durability, it is within the realm of possibility that a faulty or damaged part in your mower may cause it to not run properly. Without the manual, it may be difficult to identify the part and replace it properly.

What Other Info Does a Craftsman Lawn Mower Manual Provide?

Craftsman lawn mower manuals also include a troubleshooting guide to assist you in determining the cause of any problem with your mower and fixing it up yourself with needing to take it in for service. Of course, if your mower is still under warranty (usually 2 years), you may choose to have it serviced anyway.

In addition to the troubleshooting guide, a Craftsman lawn mower manual will describe assembly of the mower, how to properly and safely operate it, your responsibilities as a customer and owner, how to service and make adjustments to your mower, and which repair parts to use and how to install them.

ManageMyLife - Your Source for Craftsman Lawn Mower Manuals

But back to the question of how to find a particular Craftsman lawn mower manual if you don't have one around. Fortunately, there is a website on which you can access product manuals for a variety of appliances and brands for free that includes Craftsman products. You have the option of reading through these manuals in the corresponding web page itself or downloading the manual to your computer - again free of charge.

The website that offers these manuals is On the homepage, click on "Manuals" at the top, and then click on "Craftsman" under "Popular brands" on the next page. This will take you to a list of Craftsman products for which manuals are available. However, rather than sorting through this long list of Craftsman products, enter the type of Craftsman mower into the search box at the top of the page and search for it. offers manuals for standard walk-behind push mowers, riding mowers, lawn tractors, and other lawn and garden tools, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding the specific manual you are looking for. In order to get to the search page for Craftsman products directly, you can follow this link:

Hopefully, this information will allow you to find the Craftsman lawn mower manual you're looking for. Keep in mind that the ManageMyLife website is also a great resource for a number of other product manuals you may need to refer back to at some point.