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What to Look for in a Lawn Tractor

By Matt Hawkins

If a standard Craftsman reel or self-propelled mower is simply not well-suited to the size or uneven terrain of your yard, or if you simply want to make mowing your larger yard a more relaxing and enjoyable experience, a Craftsman lawn tractor may be right for you. Just like their mowers, Craftsman lawn tractors are highly regarded for their durability and ability to get the job done properly in minimal time.

Benefits of a Lawn Tractor

Lawn tractors, which are also often referred to as riding mowers, allow the operator to sit on a comfortable seat while navigating the lawn tractor around the yard. Despite being quite a bit larger than a push mower, these lawn tractors are actually quite maneuverable, and can easily steer around obstacles in your hard such as trees, bushes, and rocks. They are also ideal for handling uneven, bumpy terrain and hills that would be difficult to push a standard mower up and down.

Another often overlooked benefit of having a lawn tractor is the ability to perform additional tasks beyond mowing the lawn. By purchasing any of a number of attachments offered by Craftsman, you can use your lawn tractor to aerate your lawn, collect leaves, rototill, move and shovel snow, and several other tasks. Craftsman even offers an enclosure that can be mounted atop the yard tractor for use in cold conditions.

Although Craftsman offers a variety of lawn tractors, this article will focus on a couple more popular models to provide a general idea of their operation, features, and prices.

Craftsman 24hp V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Turn TightTM Hydrostatic Yard Tractor

This yard tractor is a great entry level model that will make mowing your larger yard an easy and enjoyable experience for a fairly inexpensive price. This yard tractor retails for just a little over $1500 and features a highly dependable Briggs & Stratton engine, a premium hydrostatic transmission, and a 42 inch cutting deck to mow larger areas.

Amazingly, its Turn TightTM technology provides just a 6 inch turning radius, allowing it to be maneuvered nimbly around any obstacles and cut more closely around such obstacles. No need to reposition the mower like you would for a standard push mower!

Additional features of this Craftsman yard tractor include a spring loaded deck lift system, convenient foot pedal drive, four adjustable gauge wheels, a cup holder, a seat slide system, and a 2-year full warranty as well as a 5-year frame and limited lifetime axle warranty. For a comfortable, versatile yard tractor that won't break the bank, consider the 24hp V-Twin Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Yard Tractor.

Craftsman 26hp V-Twin Kohler Turn TightTM Hydrostatic Garden Tractor

This yard tractor incorporates a powerful 26hp Kohler Courage Plus V-Twin engine and is thus ideal for pulling various attachments. Like the aforementioned 24hp yard tractor, it features Craftsman's Turn TightTM technology for more precise mowing and maneuvering.

If you have large areas that need to be mowed and want to get it done in the least time possible, this is an excellent choice of lawn tractor. Its premium hydrostatic automatic transmission cuts grass at a top speed of 7.5mph, and a 54 inch 12-gauge steel cutting deck mows large areas at once.

The 26hp V-Twin Kohler Hydrostatic Garden Tractor includes all of the features of the 24hp Briggs & Stratton model, but with the addition of a high back seat with arm rests and a 3-year limited warranty (as well as the limited lifetime axle warranty). If you are looking to mow large areas in the least possible time, or you plan on using various ground-engaging attachments with your yard tractor, this model is worth serious consideration. It retails for around $2700.

Yard tractors are simply the most efficient, relaxing way to mow a large lawn and perform all the other yard tasks necessary. You can learn more about the various Craftsman lawn tractors available at,, and even