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How to Find the Craftsman Lawn Tractor Parts You Need

By Matt Hawkins

Craftsman makes some of the most durable, long lasting lawn tractors on the market. Nevertheless, these lawn tractors, which are sometimes also referred to as yard tractors, will still require replacement parts from time to time. This is especially true in cases where they are called upon to perform challenging tasks that are too difficult for other mowers, often in rugged conditions in which these other mowers would be inoperable.

The parts that will need replacing on your Craftsman lawn tractor will depend largely on how you use it. For instance, if you mow or haul over challenging terrain, with lots of hills, bumps, or obstacles, it’s possible that the wheels or tires may need to be swapped out. If you are cutting a lot of grass routinely, especially thick grass, you may need to replace your blade or deck belt.

Of course, parts in other assemblies or systems within your lawn tractor could very well need replacement as well. These parts could be in the electrical system, engine, steering assembly, seat assembly, lift assembly, mower deck, ground drive assembly, or chassis and enclosures, for instance.

Sears Can Help Diagnose Problems and Provide Replacement Parts

Fortunately, if your mower breaks down or stops working properly, and you can identify the defective assembly or system in your mower, then replacing the defective part or parts is not too difficult. A good first step is to consult your user's manual. If you can't find it or it doesn't provide the detail you need, don't worry. Sears, the manufacturer of the Craftsman brand, has exploded part diagrams for all of the above systems and assemblies that comprise your lawn tractor. At the Sears website, you can just click on the appropriate area and see the name and location of all the parts that can be found in the corresponding assembly or system.

The Sears website will also list the major parts in each area so you can check at a glance if it is one of those parts that you need to replace. If, however, you aren’t sure which part or parts you need, you can always chat online or over the phone with a Sears representative who is knowledgeable about their lawn tractors and mowers. Just be sure to have your lawn tractor’s model number handy, as parts can vary by model.

If you prefer to get help diagnosing the problem in person, or if calling or chatting with Sears online is not clearing up the issue, you can always bring your lawn tractor to a Sears service center for an on the spot diagnosis. Doing this can help you identify the replacement parts you need and save you another trip to the store.

Some Final Things to Remember

When it comes time to replace parts on your Craftsman lawn tractor, it’s important to realize that it’s a normal part of routine maintenance of your vehicle that will allow it to continue to perform at the high level you expect of Craftsman products. Truth be told, most parts requiring replacement will be easy to identify, as they will often serve as a component of the mower deck or drive system.

Another likely reason for purchasing new Craftsman parts is in the event you need a particular attachment for your lawn tractor, such as a cart for hauling heavy items, a bagger, a lawn sweeper or vac, or a lawn aerator, for instance. These are just a few of the many Craftsman attachments offered by Sears that can allow your lawn tractor to perform a wide variety of additional yard tasks.