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Where to Find the Manuals for Craftsman Products

By Matt Hawkins

If you own any Craftman products, whether they be lawn mowers or tools, a common problem is not being able to find the owner's manual when you need it. Whether you bought the product second-hand or simply lost the manual at some point, there are times when referring to Craftsman manuals is necessary.

For instance, many people are do-it-yourself'ers and when a product or part breaks down, first try to fix things themselves. This can often save time and money, provided you know exactly what to do. However, unless you know the product inside and out, an owner's manual is pretty much essential to identifying the faulty part and then replacing it properly.

What Information do Craftsman Manuals Contain?

Craftsman manuals also provide other information in addition to the various parts that make up its mowers and other products and how they are taken apart and assembled. They cover the operation of the product, including how to ensure safety for both the operators and protect the product itself, the customer's responsibilities related to maintaining and servicing the product and ensuring its safe use, and how to source replacement parts and get them installed properly.

Craftsman manuals also offer guidance for troubleshooting your product, along with copious detailed diagrams to ensure you are able to follow the instructions to the letter. This pertains to product assembly and part replacement as well.

Locating a Specific Manual

But back to the question of what to do if you need a Craftsman manual and don't have it around. It can certainly be frustrating to find yourself in this situation with nowhere to turn. In fact, you may have even visited the Craftsman website and searched for their product manuals to no avail!

Fortunately however, Craftsman manuals are not so hard to find. It turns out there is a website called Manage My that provides, among other things, owner's manuals for all kinds of appliances and brands. Special troubleshooting manuals are also available.

The website to visit is Click on "Manuals" at the top of the homepage. For Craftsman products, click on "Craftsman" under "Brands" on the next page. From here, you can scroll down and see the list of all Craftsman manuals they have available.

However, a faster way to find what you're looking for is to enter the product name or type in the search box at the top of the page. This will take you to either the exact product you entered or similar products and narrow down the list from which to choose. From here, once you find the Craftsman product you need the manual for, click it and it will take you to the page with the actual manual.

On the manual page, you have the option of either viewing the manual on the page itself or downloading it as a pdf file. This is recommended for easier reading. Here is the direct link to the Craftsman manual for one of their walk-behind lawn mowers:

If you are looking for a different type or model of mower or a different Craftsman product, just enter that information in the search box on this page:

Hopefully this will help you find the specific Craftsman manual you are seeking. If for whatever reason the manual you need isn't available, you can always give Craftsman or Sears (an authorized Craftsman retailer) a call.