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How to Choose the Right Riding Mower

By Matt Hawkins

When to Get a Riding Mower

While a traditional reel, electric or gas-powered lawn mower will work for most smaller lawns, if you have a larger area to mow, more intense growth, or just want to save time, it may be worth checking out some of Craftsman's highly rated riding mowers.

Riding mowers, which are also often referred to as lawn tractors or yard tractors, are preferred by professionals for mowing large lawns. They are separated into categories based primarily on how much ground they can cover and how much weight they can haul. If you have more than an acre to mow or have landscaping needs, a riding mower is definitely worth looking into.

Craftsman riding mowers are stylish, extremely reliable, and are recognized for their strength, durability, and performance.  Craftsman has a range of riding mowers for every budget and for both large and small maintenance tasks. Some of its more popular models are detailed below:

Craftsman YT 3000 Series
Craftsman YT 3000 21 HP 42" Yard Tractor

The Craftsman YT 3000 series makes cutting any yard a cinch.  It runs on a strong Briggs & Stratton 20+ horsepower Platinum engine and has a wide cutting deck, allowing you to mow the lawn in no time.

Four durable gauge wheels allow for easy maneuverability - in fact, these riding mowers have just a 8 inch turn radius, which is useful for mowing closely around obstacles such as shrubs, trees, and fences. It is also able to cut in reverse.

In addition to its excellent performance, the YT 3000 series mowers run smoothly and include a comfortable seat with a high back and optional arm rests, which make mowing a pleasurable walk in the park. The YT3000 series mowers retail for around $1500, with the more powerful models going for a bit more and the less powerful for a bit less.

Craftsman LTS 1500 Series
Craftsman LTS 1500 17.5 HP/42" Lawn Tractor

If you are looking for a somewhat more inexpensive solution to mowing your yard than the YT 3000 series, look no further. The Craftsman LTS 1500 series mowers retail for around $1000 and incorporate many of the same features of the YT 3000 mowers. It includes a 17.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine and a wide cutting deck of 42". The LTS 1500 is also noted for its tight turning radius and ability to cut while driving in reverse.

If you're willing to give up a little of the power of the YT3000, the LTS 1500 is a great choice for a long-lasting, efficient mower that looks great and provides a fast, comfortable mowing experience. You can also add various attachments, including the leaf bagger or snow blade for even greater versatilty.

Craftsman Zero Turn Mowers

For the most versatile and maneuverable mower around, the Craftsman line of Zero Turn mowers can't be beat. These mowers work fast and literally turn on a dime, making mowing fast, convenient, and extremely precise. Cut around bushes, trees, and other obstances with complete control with the 20+ horsepower engine. It simply provides a great mowing experience.

Although the Zero Turn mowers are more expensive than the LTS 1500 or YT 3000 series, they have all the features of those but also offer an unparalleled mowing experience, as evidenced by the numerous customer testimonials to this effect. If you want to not only get more done, with more control, in less time, but have fun doing it, take a good look at Craftsman's Zero Turn line of mowers.

Craftsman mowers can be found everywhere Craftsman products are sold, including at Sears and hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's, and Ace Hardware. They are also available online and at and